Trademark law is about protecting brands. Buche & Associates, P.C. has been in the business of protecting brands through trademark law for nearly twenty years. We protect brands through a combination of (1) careful selection and searching of brands for trademarkability and conflict avoidance; (2) registration of trademarks; (3) maintenance and monitoring of trademark portfolios; and (4) enforcement and defense of trademark claims.

We are among the most experienced trademark attorneys in Southern California. Over the years, we have filed and registered hundreds of trademarks for our clients. We have also handled countless numbers of litigation disputes involving trademarks, trade dress, and service marks. Sometimes these disputes are in federal court, but we have also considerable experience litigating those matters in state court and at the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (“TTAB”) where opposition and cancellation proceedings take place. When litigation ensues, we are comfortable litigating those disputes across the country.

In other instances, we have been involved in licensing of trademarks. Our firm has been involved with negotiating trademark licenses for clients large and small. We have handled licensing for major brands in in the fields of sports equipment (golf, surfing), construction tools, medical devices, games, famous comic characters, and the food and beverage industries. In the realm of licensing, our experience will help you get deals done efficiently while maximizing the value of the trademarks and brands in play.