Patent Search

Patent SearchPatent Search

After taking a thorough confidential disclosure of an invention, we like to perform our own in-house patent searches. We use classification based searches of appropriate U.S. and international databases.

Good patent searches are critical to knowing (a) if an invention is patentable; (b) to assess what scope of protection may be available; and (c) to guide patent prosecution strategies. Also, a good patent search will play an important role in infringement or invalidity analysis.

We very rarely rely on the searches of other discount services because we have often found them to be unreliable in terms methodology, or in terms of conclusions they may reach respecting patentability. We will obviously look at search results of others, but usually prefer to rely on our own.

Most of our searches are performed at flat rates. The patent searches include all the relevant patents located, and an opinion of the findings to help you make informed decisions. For a free consultation to discuss patent searching, please contact us here.