Patent Litigation

Patent LitigationPatent Litigation

We are patent litigators and trial attorneys. We have handled patent litigation for nearly twenty years, and have experience with a vast array of patent infringement matters in multiple forums, including in federal court, and at the Patent Trademark & Appeal (“PTAB”), where we have handled post-grant review (“PGR”), reexaminations, and inter partes review (“IPR”).

In recent years, patent litigation has changed significantly. Patent litigation has shifted because of legislative changes that favor administrative challenges to patents, and also as a result of Supreme Court and Federal Circuit rulings that moved cases away from federal court jurisdictions where they were once focused in remote parts of the country. Our litigation attorneys stay closely tuned to the political shifts in the patent law so we will know best how to obtain tactical advantages in any forum.

Despite the changes to patent laws, litigation involving utility and design patents will continue to be important focal points for businesses throughout the world. The rapid spread of ideas online, the ease of global manufacturing, reverse engineering, and the need to think globally about markets will keep patent enforcement relevant and critical for businesses to protect profits and market share. The United States still maintains the most developed mechanisms and courts in the world for handling patent disputes.

Our experience counts in handling federal litigation. You can see some of the matters we have handled here. We are accustomed to litigating against some of the largest national law firms in the country, and have done so successfully for our clients. While we are comfortable litigating with and against large firms, our business model is different. As a boutique IP litigation firm, we operate with relative freedom to scale up and down as necessary to accommodate a specific case. Our retainers and hourly rates are fashioned with small and medium sized businesses in mind. Our legal strategies are adapted to meet realistic budgets and to direct firepower where it counts to resolve cases.

If your business has a patent litigation concern, do not hesitate to contact us to see if our firm may might be a good fit for your needs.