Patent Infringement & Validity Opinions

Patent Infringement & Validity OpinionsPatent Infringement & Validity Opinions

We are frequently engaged to help businesses make intelligent decisions about issues of patent infringement or validity. In some cases, we evaluate infringements as a precursor to filing lawsuits. In other cases, we represent businesses who have either been threatened with patent infringement allegations, or that have concerns about avoiding patent infringement.

Patent infringements, or threats of patent infringement, need to be taken seriously and addressed by competent patent counsel with experience in litigation. Each situation is different. In some cases, we discover allegations are made of rights that do not exist. If so, they can usually be dealt with swiftly. In others, the threats may be real, but the patent rights may be weak or invalid. In still others, patents can be strong, and need to be resolved carefully to contain exposure to ongoing liabilities.

If you have a concern about a patent infringement issue, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. The initial consult is free of charge until we get a feel for the scope of the services you may need.