Patent Applications & Appeals

Patent Applications & AppealsPatent Applications & Appeals

We have obtained hundreds of patents for our clients, across multiple fields, including but not limited to sports devices, fashion, medical apparatus, oil field equipment, firearms, household items, automotive components, power tools, material handling apparatus, offshore equipment, software & apps, and more. Samples of patents we have obtained for our clients may be found here.

Our patent application practice is focused firstly on thoroughly understanding our clients’ inventions. We take the time to listen to our clients, understand the invention, and ask the right questions. Once we understand the technology, we make sure we perform first-rate patent searches that allow us to understand the field in which the invention will operate, and to see what scope of patent protection may be available. Next, we draft patents that are intelligible and that cover all important aspects of the inventive concepts. Because of our litigation backgrounds, our patents are also written with enforcement in mind.

In terms of client service, our firm’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality service possible. We aim to give you simple budgets and flat fees for services where possible, and to keep you informed of appropriate legal strategies in a prompt fashion.

Once patents are obtained, we help our clients advance the ideas through continued patent filing strategies, and with maintenance of those patent portfolios.