Lucky 10,000,000?

Lucky 10,000,000?

Sometime in 2018, the Patent Office will grant Patent No. 10,000,000. But it won’t look quite like the other 9,999,999 patents before it. It will have a new face.

A patent grant cover page is the physical document that is issued to inventors upon the granting of a patent. For over thirty years the documents have exhibited an iconic ribbon and seal; however, last week the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced their adoption of a new patent grant cover design with a ceremonial unveiling at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.

In the past century, the Patent office has amended the design of the cover only twice with less than dozen design changes since the first patent granted in 1790. The patent team of designers wanted to update the cover to reflect “modern day flair,” while both paying homage to previous designs and preserving reverence to the significance of the document itself to inventors.
Specifically, the new design deserts the red ribbon style and incorporates the calligraphy and high-quality typesetting that were prevalent in patent covers historically.

Director Andrei Iancu described the new design, set to begin printing on the ten millionth granted patent, as a celebration of how far American ingenuity and innovation has come over the past two centuries. “This new patent design not only celebrates how far we’ve come and the new frontiers we have yet to explore, it also represents the cornerstone and the currency of an American intellectual property system that has given so much to the world and will continue to do so for ages to come.”

Article by Nicole Sumida, J.D. Candidate.
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